Trimmer Changes By Version


  • feature: Add python-like dictionary syntax support: {"a": 1}. These dictionaries can be used instead of multiple if statements or to refer to the same values multiple times
  • feature: Add python list syntax support: ["item1", "item2"]
  • feature: Add support for filters, in particular builtin.html_entities and builtin.quoted_shell_argument


  • Validate directives with some regexes was broken from the start and more of that was broken in v0.3.4, fixed now
  • Add skip if satement to the for loop


  • Adds line joiner ## (at end of line) syntax
  • Bugfixes of syntax and command-line tool


  • Implemented all comparison operators (>, <, >=, <=, ==, !=)
  • Implemented as_comparable() for serde_json::Value
  • Added parenthesis support in expressions


  • Implemented as_number() for serde_json::Value
  • Implemented a*b, a/b and a%b expressions
  • [bugfix] Previously a.x+b worked but a.x +b did not (whitespace bug)


  • as_number() and as_comparable() methods added to the Variable trait
  • Implemented a+b and a-b syntax in templates
  • ## validate statements implemented (See documentation)
  • The # comments inside line statements are supported now
  • The ### comments can be used as line comments in normal context
  • Added --version parameter to command-line tool